12 May 2020

Where Is My MacBook Model Number?

If you’re looking to replace the keycaps on your Apple MacBook, it’s important to know your device’s model number. This number can help you find the correct keycaps for your device and ensure a proper fit.

To find your MacBook’s model number, you’ll need to flip the device over and look for the small print on the bottom of the device. You should see a series of numbers and letters, which may be arranged in different ways depending on your device.

The red square shows the model number of the MacBook Pro A1707

The model number should be listed in the format “Axxxx”. This number can help you identify your MacBook’s specific model and generation, which can be important when searching for replacement keycaps or other accessories.

Once you have your MacBook’s model number, you can search for replacement keycaps on our website. Be sure to double-check that the keycaps you’re purchasing are compatible with your specific MacBook model and generation to ensure a proper fit.

In summary, finding your MacBook’s model number is essential when looking for replacement keycaps. Simply flip your device over and look for the small print on the bottom of the device, which should include the model number in the format “Axxxx”. With this information in hand, you can find the right keycaps for your device and get back to typing with ease.

You can use this model number on our website to help you find replacement keys that fit your laptop in our store Store.